America’s future will be determined by the home and the school. The child becomes largely what he is taught; hence we must watch what we teach, and how we live.”
— Jane Addams

Our Theory of Impact

By inserting housing into the value chain of education, we address four critical factors:

People: Home is where children and families are, especially children younger than six. A housing campus provides an easy-to-find population of children and their families who have economic need, and usually a suite of multiple social needs.

Place: Home is where people are. The human services safety net is not always effective in getting people to travel to their services. The housing sector provides a hub for bringing in key partners. Much of the affordable housing in the U.S. is structured around a campus and usually with some form of community space.

Time: Eighty-six percent of non-school time is home-centric. The affordable housing campus has the advantage of creating time and access for reaching families.

Trust: Children’s and parents’ trust takes years to build. With intention, housing staff can begin to build trust beginning with the application for housing. Earned trust can be carefully conveyed to select partners to accelerate the impact delivery of partnered services.

Using the model to create a movement

The BSH model works. In New York City, 85% of participants in the housing authority-IHAD program graduate high school, compared to the graduation rate of 45% for all low-income children in the city. In Boulder, 92% of program participants graduate from high school, compared to 63% of their peers. Now, it's time to bring that success to other communities across the country. 

Bringing School Home is open-source and open-mind. We know that other mission-oriented public and affordable housing providers are implementing home-based support programs. But to achieve lasting, large-scale impact in closing the achievement gap and ending intergenerational poverty for millions of children in the United States, we need to start a movement. Bringing School Home is doing just that. We are working with housing providers to support them in adopting the BSH model or growing and improving their existing programming. More than that, we are the catalyzing and organizing force that has long been the missing piece in place-based, community-focused educational support interventions.